What is Halawet el Jibn Sweets?

Levant Halawat Aljabn 500g - حلاوة الجبن

alawet el-jibn (Arabic: حلاوة الجبن/ Ḥalāwat al-jibn) (cheese pleasant) is a Syrian treat constructed from semolina and also cheese dough, full of lotion. [1] Its origin has been given as the city of Hama in Syria, though it is additionally claimed to be the city of Homs, It is located in other areas in the center East, and has actually been brought by Syrian immigrants to other nations such as Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Germany.

Active ingredients
This dessert is mostly constructed from a cheese dough (including Akkawi cheese, mozzarella, or some mix of cheeses), a sugar syrup, as well as orange bloom water or rose water. It is typically filled with cream (Qoshta, Arabic: قشطة) as well as enhanced with pistachio.

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